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10-23-2012, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by 4th Line Grinder View Post
Yeah I'm a dude lol although I probably am a B cup I hear ya, I only get tattoos with meaning, and I can't stand the tramp stamp on girls. I also hate the tribal crap that Jersey Shore d bags have. I only like meaningful tattoos
See here's the thing (and I love that this conversation is taking place )... Even if it's a meaningful tattoo on a girl, it's something I'll never be able to look past. I'm not saying I wouldn't be friends with a female with a tattoo because that's outrageous. But I'd never even consider a female with a tattoo (and that's any tattoo, meaningful or just to have a tattoo) as someone who is compatible with me in any physical or romantic way.

I guess everyone has their turnoffs, and that is my biggest.

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