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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
More likely another shady move by the NHL further solidifies the unions position and derails negotiations further.

But consider that the PA's membership is a fairly diverse group. If it means an immediate reduction in salaries is avoided, it's in the interests of the Sidney Crosbys and Ovechkins of the league to hold out longer and perhaps even sacrifice a season because of their signing bonuses, front-loaded multi-million dollar long term deals, and the option of lucrative overseas contracts.

The meat and potatoes guys are a different story. They're on 1 or 2 year deals and on average have short careers. These are the guys who are actually hurt by missed paycheques. They're bound to be feeling the pinch of mortgage payments and private school fees by now. Scuttling a season over a fraction of their salary makes no sense for them. Also consider where these guys are likely getting their advice from - the same player agents who rep the superstars. Agents are motivated by self-interest and are likely telling the 4th liners that its best for them to toe the PA line. Agents just want to be able to protect the big deals.

Even Fehr's motivations are probably misaligned with much of the PA's membership. I'm sure he's more interested in protecting the salaries of a handful of superstars rather than the bulk of the PA's membership. From a personal perspective, he also may be more inclined to go to war than negotiate a deal. He was hired in the first place because he's a pitbull, and he needs to live up to his reputation, consequences to the league and players be damned. If he can stick it the NHL, maybe the NFLPA comes a-knocking at his door a few years from now.

Maybe the league making an end run around the union will result in the 3rd and 4th liners and guys on 2-way deals pounding down Fehr's door and forcing him to end the brinksmanship game he's been playing.

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