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10-23-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
I still can't believe the NHL owners would go through with this- however, if they do they pretty much have tarnished the game, the league, their image for years- alot more than it already is.
I think I've got this figured out.

It's not about anything except Gary Bettman wanting to prove he's a bigger man than Roger Goodell and his mentor David Stern, and getting a "better" deal than both of those guys did. He's sold the owners on this idea. He's got too much invested in it to negotiate an agreement that would work for both sides.

If you look at the owners' latest proposal, all they're really doing is moving the money around from their last proposal. The "make whole" bit keeps the players' share at about 47% exactly where they were BEFORE this last proposal. It's playing three card monty with player salaries.

I'd think besides triple digit players never playing again, you probably lose a few franchises

still saying November 23rd but will the players care
You won't lose any franchises, although you'd have to think quite a few are for sale, and that values would plummet if the league gets an even bigger black eye from this than they already have. I think the players are becoming indifferent to whether there's a season or not. If you look at what the owners have out there, it's basically a work for 7 years and we'll pay you for 6 kind of deal. They lose a season anyway. What's the difference, really?

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