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10-23-2012, 04:06 PM
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Babel Rising - 8/10

This is falling under my Intrusion 2 or Anomoly: Warzone Earth category of I technically didn't beat it and rage quit at the end because it got unfairly difficult. Babel Rising is a fun game where you play God and have to kill the Babylonians who are trying to build a tower to heaven. It's actually a lot of fun and you have to use the power of the elements to stop them before they reach the top. It's pretty damn fun smiting all those people with your powers and watching the bodies fly away as they comically scream to their deaths. Pretty fun game that will last you a couple hours and has a survival mode and multiplayer (didn't try either myself).

If you're wondering why I stopped, I tried the last level several times and couldn't beat it no matter what strategy I tried. The tower isn't round like the first ten levels so boulders are pretty useless and they have towers that basically teleport workers half way up the tower. Not to mention the tower's already like 66% complete from the start of the round, makes it even tougher because they have to spend so little time building. Just way too much going on and way too much of an advantage for the workers for the last level to really be fair. You had to survive for 20 minutes, the best I did was like 12...

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