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Originally Posted by FrailSwan View Post
He hasn't had a chance yet to prove either side of that argument. And then you have players like Roussel who are just a complete waste of space.
I'm not picking on you since others have thrown out this, IMO, silly dig at Roussel, but Antoine Roussel is a full year younger than Austin Smith. He's a legitimate prospect, and I'd argue he's much more likely to play in the NHL than Austin Smith (though I wouldn't bet on either developing into significant contributors to the Dallas Stars). Smith is going to have a much more difficult path to the NHL as a scorer, and Dallas' depth in that area might mean he never gets a full time look.

I'm pulling for Smith. He's a fun, exciting prospect based on what we saw in college, and the fact he's from Dallas. That said, he played in a rather weak college division, he didn't light up the AHL in limited time last season, and while it was one game so far this year he didn't look like a guy that was unjustly sitting on the bench. If anything, prime minutes in the ECHL is the best thing he could get.

Roussel on the other hand has performed very well as a grinder and in the faceoff circle. He's been utilized on the PK well, and he's clearly ready for full time AHL duty. I doubt there is anything you could point to that would indicate he doesn't fully deserves the ice time he's earned so far. I don't personally like his Steve Ott-like play after the whistle, but he's the type of guy that makes it to the NHL based on steady, solid play and an endless motor.

I don't want to see Toby Petersen out there either, but I don't see the point in wasting our breath complaining about it. They wanted a veteran presence among the forwards. They saw how well it paid off having an experience guy like Lukowich play with and around Larsen and Dillon, and now they're trying to get the same out of Petersen. I think you could have found a better vet for that, but Toby is who they got.

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