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Originally Posted by Johnny Engine View Post
Alain Cote
Ron Duguay
Andre "Moose" Dupont
Al Iafrate
Mike Krushelnyski
Gary Leeman
Marty McSorley
Sergio Momesso
Rick Middleton
Stephane Richer
Matt Stairs

The best player here should be blindingly obvious, and one guy isn't even a hockey player, but there should be some interesting debate and contention with the in-the-middle guys, as they're a diverse group!

*Anyone who is confused by this: I work in radio, and just got this roster today as an advertisement for an NHL alumni game in Torbay, NL. I wonder if Matt Stairs is the goalie for this team?
I have to look at it from an ATD standpoint, as in, in what order would I select them if I was in a competitive team-building draft. Which is, to me, more or less a proxy for a “best players of all-time” list.

1. Rick Middleton (obviously)
2. Al Iafrate (great peak and incredible set of skills, ranked higher among defensemen in his career than the next guy did at his position)
3. Andre Dupont (a very valuable defenseman for a decent length of time – was a member of the Flyers’ top-4 for years, and they all played about the same 22 minutes for years, with little exceptions. They also did a lot of vote splitting for all-stars and Norris)
4. Stephane Richer (surprisingly little substance, I don’t think his best 6 seasons even match up to Petr Sykora’s! but he does have that two-time 50-goal peak)

(it’s interesting that the next four guys all fit into the same tight tier!)

5. Marty McSorley. (I see him as a great MLD spare. a legitimate player who was also a heavyweight fighter. Played wing and defense. Surprisingly respectable offense, and for an 8-year streak was a top-4 defenseman including three years as #1-2, and once led the NHL in +/- and got a few all-star votes. Signed a contract that mae him the NHL’s 16th-highest paid player in the summer of 1993)
6. Ron Duguay (I see him as a great MLD spare, too. Played C and RW. Had a good scoring peak that makes him a decent scorer on an all-time level, and was also known as a good checker, physical player, and matchup defensive guy thanks to his size. A bit inconsistent, though, which is why you wouldn’t want him to do it game in, game out)
7. Mike Krushelnyski (slightly poor man’s Duguay. Gives a lot up offensively, but a little better defensively – overall his results are closer than their visible skills would indicate thanks to his lunchpail play and Duguay’s inconsistency)
8. Gary Leeman (a poor MLD scorer but he keeps getting put in that role. Makes a “passable” MLD spare simply because as a natural defenseman he can drop back there in a pinch)
9. Sergio Momesso. (ugliest/meanest looking player ever. Inconsistent but a decent secondary scorer and secondary checker, kind of a Shjon Podein with a prettier name and uglier face)
10. Alain Cote (he’s been on my radar for super late A/B level picks before but I never got to the point of drafting him. I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a “scrub”. Good penalty killer and defensive forward.
11. Matt Stairs (I guess because he’s not a hockey player, LOL!)

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