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minion's GM game Rules/Announcements/Discussions thread

minion's GM Game 1.0 Discussion Thread

minion's GM Game

  • Main Commissioner-minion
  • Assistant Commissioner-ALI
  • Assistant Commissioner-
  • Trade Commissioner-
  • League Capologist-minion

League Schedule
  • Game Start: Oct 24
  • Trading opens Oct 24
  • Amnesty Day Oct 26
  • Dispersal Draft:Oct 27 (time TBA)
  • Amnesty Day:Oct 28
  • Free Agency:Oct 28
  • Free Agency Ends: Oct
  • Season Begins:
  • Trading Deadline:
  • Standings Voting:
  • Quarterfinal Voting:
  • Semi-final Voting:
  • Conference Final Voting
  • Cup Finals:
  • Entry Draft:

All times are Central time and are subject to change

Salary Cap
  • $75M is the Ceiling $55M is the floor
  • All teams MUST have 23 and be under the cap at the conclusion of the Trading deadline day
  • Use CapGeek to find players salaries as
    well as NTCs and NMCs.
  • Buyouts of players listed on CapGeek DO NOT count against a team's salary cap in this game.

Dispersal Draft Rules
  • The dispersal draft is 2 rounds long.
    More info will be posted here once the league reaches fifteen teams
  • NO BPA Lists

  • If you'd like to place a player on waivers,
    post in this thread along with the player's contract information.
  • To save time and avoid confusion and complications, waivers will be
    "first come, first serve". Whoever puts in a claim first will get the
  • Teams will have 12 hours to claim a player off the wire before he clears.
  • Once a player is placed on waivers, he cannot be taken out until he
    clears. Once he clears, you may send him through re-entry waivers if you
    wish, but keep in mind if someone puts in a claim you will have to pay half
    of the player's salary and cap hit.
  • Only 5 players can be placed on waivers. Amnesty days are the exception to this rule. Use them well.

  • All trades MUST be sent to
  • Deals involving NTCs or NMCs MUST be confirmed by 2 out of 3
    NTC/NMC trade commisioners:
    before being announced, or it will be vetoed. Include a reason why
    the player will waive to be traded.
  • Use this template
    Player name:
    Being Traded From:
    Being Traded To:
    Reasons why to waive:
  • Any trade, NTC or not, announced before being sent in will be vetoed.
  • Keep in mind that any deal the League thinks is outrageous can and will
    be vetoed, so don't pull anything stupid.
  • If a deal is vetoed, you won't be able to make the exact deal again.
  • Trading is not allowed before all GM's have joined. Any deal announced
    before this will be vetoed.


Free Agency Agent-minion
All amnesty players, players who remain listed as UFA's on CapGeek and players from unclaimed teams will be UFA's. This will include RFA's from unclaimed teams

  • Only RFA's can be resigned. All UFA players will test the market.
  • Pending RFA's can be found at CapGeek. Try to re-sign in groups, it makes
    it easier for the agents.
  • Don't skimp out on an offer, if you make a terrible offer the player may
    not re-sign with you at all.
  • Just because you made the first, or highest, offer for a player during
    free agency does NOT mean he will sign with you. Many factors go into a
    player signing so nothing is a sure This applies to both UFA's and RFA's
  • The team that owns the player can match as much as it wants
  • RFA's are automatically qualified

Other Rules
  • Inactivity will not be accepted. If you
    have just one post in the thread one day before the deadline, you will be
  • You MUST keep your roster and Trading block Up To Date
  • Posting in the thread doesn't automatically mean you will get the job
    you wanted. Post the job you want and I will determine who gets the jobs.
  • If a player is out for the season due to injury, he can't be added to
    your roster and won't count against your cap. If he's injured but not
    expected to be out for the rest of the season, he's in play and still counts.
  • If you have any questions regarding the game or how it works, feel free
    to ask me.


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