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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
How many times I have to say this a Toronto2 (Markham) is not going to happen because MLSE. will pull out all the stops to make sure it dose not happen besides this so called arena in Markham is far from a done deal & might not get bulit .

Hamilton is in far better position to land an NHL. team that has been in years with Global Spectrum takking over running Copps Coliseum & with the loomming threat of another NHL. team in the GTA. MLSE. will be more than willing to help Hamilton get an NHL. team just to keep Markham out of the NHL. . Lets not forget an upgrade to Copps Coliseum can be done quite quickly & I would not put past the city that Hamilton has contractors on stand by or speed dail ready to go at a moments notice .

Also Hamilton is booming with investment with hotels & condos going up left & right not mention a new stadium & the possiblity of casino being bulit here an NHL. team will be iciing on the cake & make this city complete .
I still think Hamilton or Markham or both is plausible only because of the Rogers/Bell sale.

Since the NHL has to approve all sales, they can strongarm a little bit (and Rogers/Bell would probably play ball with media rights as compensation, since that's why they bought the Leafs: Content).

For all we know, the NHL already did that. Granted, the odds the NHL had forethought is slim to none; but the realistic possibility that a Rogers/Bell falling out leads to TWO Toronto teams is a VERY likely scenario.

There's no way two rivals will be able to work together for a prolonged period of time. And both sides will want the other to walk away. So the only logical solution to the impasse is Rogers/Bell each split media rights for BOTH teams, and one company gets a Toronto expansion team (and the company keeping the Leafs pays off the NHL/Sabres).

The Leafs sale opens the door, and if the NHL really wanted to make a Hamilton and Markham expansion happen, they could have orchestrated it.

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