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10-23-2012, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
I don't think the Bills are going anywhere ethier heck I don't want them here at or any where else in southern ontario but I think it is just ploy to get more corprate sponsers to help out the Bills pay to renovte or bulid a stadium in Buffalo . I think the reason they would choose Hamiton is because its 65 miles away from buffalo & a stadium can be bulit cheap with private funds here not like anywhere in the usa.where a new stadium can run about 600 million to billion dollars where is in canada you can bulid a 50.000 seat stadium for about 400 to about 500 million dollars . In my opinion I think the Bills should stay in Buffalo because an NFL. team here could kill the CFL. & in my opinion the CFL. is a far more better game as a whole also I don't think Hamilton want an NFL. team Hamilton wants the NHL. team iit rightfully deserves .
Ralph Wilson isn't getting any younger. The Bills are in for an interesting transition when that franchise goes up for sale. NFL teams are not cheap. Even Wilson lived in Detroit (Grosse Pointe) the entire time he has owned that team.

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