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10-23-2012, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by STL fan in IA View Post
Where in the world are you getting that quote?? I've never heard Hitch say anything like that. I highly suspect you are taking it out of context and/or it's a very poor translation from English to Russian and then back to English again.

As for the second line I bolded, that's a falsehood that's been challenged and debunked repeatedly. How the heck Filatov's failings somehow means that Hitch doesn't like Russians or doesn't like young players, I simply don't get. It's fans trying to find an excuse for Filatov's failure IMO. He failed in Ottawa too. Do the Sens coaches also dislike Russians/young players then too?? He failed because he's lazy, has virtually no two-way game and doesn't play a very good N.A. style of game, not because of Hitch. I'll also note that when Filatov ran back home last season to play for CSKA, they demoted him to their Jr team and then the Jr team coach benched him in the Jr playoffs saying that Filatov was just going through the motions and if he wasn't going to give his all then he (the coach) was going to go with the players that got the team that far in the first place over the more talented but lazy Filatov. Does that Russian Jr coach hate Russians/young players too?? Or maybe, just maybe, the problem is Filatov, and not any of his coaches.

As for how often players get sent to the minors after a hat trick, I'm sure it's rare. That was Filatov's rookie season as an undersized 18 ur old kid though! What did you expect? He scored 3 goals in that one game that season but by and large, he looked completely lost in the 8 games he played for Columbus that season. No offense but I think you're cherry picking arguments, not looking at the full picture and are making excuses for Filatov.
He did say something like that, but it has been taken out of context. It was after a loss late in the season and im pretty sure he was referring to Oshie when he said it.

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