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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
I'm not sure which side is losing 1.6 billion this year? I assume you are not using Washington accounting which talks about saving 4 trillion dollars rather than saying 400 billion per yr multiplied by 10 years because the numbers seem larger?

I know that a year off will cost the players 1.7 billion in unpaid salaries.

The owners are facing a cost in missing a season as well. They also should be weighing the cost of settling versus not playing. If the owners are making emotional decisions about winning and losing they deserve whatever fate falls upon the league. The question is how much will they lose not to play the season? My guess... Far less than the players.

Respect is for suckers.
It may be for suckers but last time the players lost both(salary rollback/onerous terms, and respect of the wners). You may say that it doesn't matter, but at what point does losing respect lead to losing dollars? If the players don't fight it out the owners will keep on approaching cba negotiations this way. I'm not saying turn down a fair deal and certainly the sport needs more cost certainty in order to grow. I think the players get that. But the last memo Fehr released had the players losing 1.6b compared to current term. What did the NHL offer in return for that? Nothing? In fact, they wanted the players to offer up even more in systems issues.

Now, if you are a player, and you got schooled last time in negotiations, and you see the owners trying to rip you off again, what are you going to do? And what are the owners going to do next time if the players give in here? These negotiations have ramifications that may not seem economics related, but definitely will affect economics down the line. Weak unions give up what they currently have for nothing. Strong unions get concessions in return. If Bettman wants to drop salaries by 1.6b over the life of the agreement, what do players get in return? It's gotta be something...

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