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10-23-2012, 08:28 PM
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I'd personally rather keep him than grab a 3rd rounder. I get that you're probably comparing this to the Filatov situation but Dallas has a knack for taking troubled players and making them successful. I guess that might not be the case with Glennie but hopefully he'll get his **** together. If we get to trade him for another trouble prospect that was a high pick I'd probably be ok with that.
Agreed. He's only 21. Still a lot of time to mature. Using the Kari example, Kari didn't put it all together and get serious about his career until what, 26? I'd rather not throw Glennie away for nothing and give him the chance to mature. Maybe that means 2-3 years in the AHL/ECHL. Whatever it takes to get his **** together until it becomes clear that trading him is the only thing that will wake him up.

We've ragged on Willie's choices (and I still don't agree with the A Smith choice), but I think this was the best approach. Part of making Glennie mature is really embarrassing the **** out of him when he doesn't perform. Benching him 5 games to start the season was a great move.

Here's Mark's PM to me btw:

Mark Stepneski
Been told by a few people that Glennie should play this week. My understanding is he needed to get his conditioning up to par.
08:50 PM - 23 Oct 12

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