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10-23-2012, 07:59 PM
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My favourite ever play-through was fm12, I took Bayern and decided/declared that I wouldn't re-do any games or saves or any of that stuff. Robben and Ribery both got injured (naturally) and I and I had to resort to a 4-1dm-3cm-2fwd and I ended up winning the CL, the league and the cup with IVICA OLIC scoring 40-something goals total and Thomas Muller 28-or-so himself.

I fell in love with winger-less formations after that, they're so fun, it's like you can play against anyone anywhere and totally neutralize them and (hopefully) win. Granted I squeaked out a lot of wins with a goal or two and I had a pretty good team even without Robben or Ribery but the opponents just couldn't score. It was like Jacques Martin's rope-a-dope style with the Habs-Caps series in games 5, 6 and 7. Deep defensive line and two forwards with fantastic work ethic and speed, I always try to re-imagine that with other teams and saves.

I'm stoked to play as Bayern in fm13, they're a certified super-team now with all the depth and talent. Chelsea too. Also going to start a save with the lowest level German league and try to win the CL. I love this game/simulator.

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