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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... yes, I understood what danissh was saying. What drives me insane is when people say that, they generally mean (as in the case of the NHL) that Copps "will never be good enough". The intimation & inference is quite clear. Runaway freight train. Well, Im not havin any of it.

Now, as for who pays the $150M-$200M in upgrades & renovations, really rather simple & straightforward requiring a minimum amount of money & interference from the City & or Province. First, you sell the naming rights to the building for 10yrs; the "Ice Surface" (see Yormark in Florida) Sponsorship; "Team & Game Presentation" Sponsorships. Then you sell "Seat Licences" to everyone who wants to buy Seasons Tickets (see ACC in Toronto). Get the Province & City to contribute $20M each out of their "Enterprise (infrastructure & business development) Fund" budgets to make them feel good about themselves & buy some votes.

Good to go. Or is it more prudent to drop $400M++ in Markham in a major P3?
No matter how you cut this thing, slice & dice it, Hamilton is a superior choice.
yes, i agree there is plenty of available money in the hammer right now given all the activity ongoing. major developments, condos going up, a few new jobs here and there around town. hammers doing quite well. the savings from getting rid of hecfi and the enormous coup of landing a team will give city council a blank cheque. nothing too much mind you, we're not glendale, but enough that the province and feds would likely kick in big coin and hey, maybe even the prospective owner might dig into his pockets. corporate buy in might need some vigorous gladhanding but the guaranteed sold out games will surely signal a good investment in the arena by anyone considering it, even stupid politicians.

but maybe a brand new arena would be nice too.

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