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10-23-2012, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Someone should build an arena in Cambridge to service southern Ontario (Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Guelph, Brantford, even London). Or somewhere along the 401 just out of reach of the Maple Leaf restrictive territory (which would be about somewhere directly west of Cambridge and south of Kitchener).
That would ultimately be the best location, serving the huge population of southern Ontario outside of Toronto, and also sufficiently distant from Buffalo not to ill-effect the Sabres.
I don't see any chance Cambridge getting a team. They're the poorest city of Waterloo region, it's a vastly blue collar town with little to no coporate support. If an arena gets built in Waterloo region; and now that the AUD got expanded we're years away, likely till the province steps in and forcibly amalgamates Waterloo and Cambridge (As well as the rest of the border towns like Elmira and Baden into it) into Kitchener, it'll either be in North Waterloo, downtown Kitchener or on one of the two vacant industrial yards at Budd Park or Goodrich Drive. And as I said before, way off of that.

But I do agree about it being the best location. Waterloo Region avoids all the markets, and is centrally located to draw from SW Ontario and still a little bit from the fringe GTA cities.

Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
WHAT you are kidding right Markham a better location for NHL. team than Hamilton please Markham would not just have to go through one team they have to through MLSE. which owns just not the leafs but the raptors & marlies as well & thoses 2 teams right now are struggling at the gate & a NHL. team in Markham would hurt thoses teams & thats why MLSE. will do anything to make sure Markham (TO2) never gets an NHL. team if that arena get bulit & if that means supporting an NHL. team in Hamilton so be it . 2nd saying that an NHL. team in Markham would draw better than Hamilton is is completely false because NHL. team Hamilton would not just draw from the Hamilton area but southwestern Ontario , Niagara Region & even some parts of the GTA. which totals out be 8 million people which makes Hamilton the largest unserved NHL. market in North America not Markham .
I don't agree with your logic about MLSE blocking another team. Another team is good for the new owners of the lealfs. Hamilton is not going to draw from SW Ontario because it's not on the 401, there's no chance a Hamilton team will have STH in London or Kitchener, really anywhere outside Hamilton/Niagara. Kitchener could draw STH from London, Guelph, Stratford, the rest of Waterloo Region, Brantford, and some of the farther west GTA cities on the 401. Kitchener is probably the perfect location outside the core of the GTA, so Hamilton should not get a team becaus that will effectively block the league from moving into Kitchener. GTA + Kitchener during next expansion is the best option to serve all markets in Ontario. Hamilton restricts itself to Niagara and the western GTA.

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