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10-23-2012, 10:21 PM
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What I don't get is that ****** rule is gonna punish the team, particularly the owners. The NHL side is the owners, Bettman is making these demands on the owners part. Why do the owners want to punish themselves

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Losing $5+ million in cap space is always a big deal and it completely undoes the work of getting players to sign cap friendly contracts.

Yeah the Canucks will probably be rebuilding by then, but it'd be a damn shame if Gary Bettman's politics and ego ruined the Canucks' chances. There is no reason for that clause in the CBA other than vengeance. All those contracts were completely legal within the old CBA but the NHL didn't like that they were too stupid to predict those kinds of deals and now they want to punish teams that had the cash to do them.

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