Thread: News Article: Rask Injured Overseas
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10-23-2012, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by NYCBruin View Post
animals that are paid $6 million/year to play a kids game. Rough life...I am sure they would love to trade their rough lives for yours.
NYCBruin please name me one skill which you have above the top 750 ppl in the "entire world"??? Please note again the entire world!!! 7.047 Billion ppl live in the world...What is 750/7.047B ppl??? Without these ppl(the players) there is no revenue of $3.3B...if these ppl can generate 3.3B I think they deserve at least 50/50 and what the owners said that they would pay them???

You can't name the skill which would generate such revenue because you don't have the skill set which would create such revenue. NHL players do!!!! There is no argument for the janitor, the mill worker, the teacher, the police man...although they possess such reputable jobs which are greater than a hockey player...their jobs do not create revenue which NHL hockey players jobs do... although their job is much more beneficial to society it financially pails to comparison when compared to $$ generated to their given profession. NHL players generate 3.3 BILLION dollars and based on their skill set get paid accordingly...sure a mucking fwd gets paid 1/2M dollars, but employers diem him fit to earn that 1/2m dollars...if a janitor were one of the best 750 out 7B ppl then he too should paid accordingly!!!

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