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10-23-2012, 11:27 PM
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[mod] Moore tips the puck away from Naslund (who didnt even touch the puck) then leans INTO him and follows through with his elbow... clearly a dirty check. I cannot believe we are having an argument about this.

And yeah - Lindros' career was ruined by terrible medical management and lack of general knowledge of concussions. If he came up in todays climate and awareness of head injuries he would have likely had a long and healthy career assuming he learned to skate with his head up. Lindros was a 240lb freight train that dished out ALLOT more than he took. I always loved watching Lindros as a kid but hes one of those live by the sword die by the sword guys given the way he played.

Kariya was awesome too - and Gary Suter is absolutely the reason for his predisposition to head injuries.

Concussions suck - especially when star players are affected by them. What if Weber concussed Z when he head-smashed him last year? Would you not have felt all warm and fuzzy inside if Bertuzzi beat the absolute tar out of Weber (instead of them both seatbelting)? I know I sure would have. At no time EVER in the NHL have AHL call-ups/rooks/4th liners been permitted to cheapshot a superstar without a good chance of facing retribution. Im not a fan of goonery or cheapshots and I certainly dont agree with Bert putting Moores head into orbit like that. Just saying it all could have been avoided if the kid had half a sack.

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