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10-23-2012, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... I see what your saying, but no, 50 miles from City Limit to City Limit. Not 100 miles with a 50 mile radius border.
I think htpwn is right. IIRC, the NHL rules say a franchise's exclusive territory is within a 50 mile radius. so if Hamilton's and Buffalo's overlap, then they are not exclusive.

According to Article 4.1 of the league’s constitution, “each member shall have exclusive territorial rights in the city in which it is located and within 50 miles of that city’s corporate limits,” known as the club’s “home territory.”

Section 4.2 of the NHL’s rules sets out an absolute prohibition over the proposed relocation of existing franchises by declaring that “No member shall transfer its club and franchise to a different city or borough.”

Section 4.3 also grants each team exclusive control over its “home territory,” and each club can prohibit hockey games from being played in its “home territory” without their consent.

More importantly, section 4.3 states that “no franchise shall be granted for a home territory within the home territory of a member, without the written consent of such member.” In other words, existing hockey teams have the individual right to veto the relocation of other clubs within an 80-kilometre radius of their own market.

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