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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
Has it? The city had a population of 462,000 in 1970. It now has a population of 261,000.
... Im assuming most people simply moved to the suburbs & outskirts. Who could blame them? Every time I tuned into Irv Weinstein & Eyewitness News back there in the late 60's & 70's, the city was burning. Pretty much guaranteed every night
another building up in flames. 5Alarm jobs.

Originally Posted by Hamilton Tigers View Post
Hamilton is a real city, not a Toronto suburb, that has a long tradition of rivalry with hogtown.
Ya, that does concern me a bit when thinking about a team in Markham. That area really doesnt have much of an "identity" per se. Its just sprawling suburban tracts of McMansions & new home developments, broken up by mile upon mile of skyscraper height electrical towers. The planned arena & surrounding development hoped to provide an anchor to the region. But will it? Could wind up another Kanata for quite some time. Its almost indistinguishable from north Scarborough, really just part of the homogeneous GTA. Im sure they'll do extremely well, yet that issue is one that niggles... Hamilton on the other hand an autonomous "city" & region with its own unique identity, sense of place & pride.

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