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10-24-2012, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by FreshNsoClean View Post
HAD A BLAST tonight. Was stopping everything...... up until I tweaked my knee. I kept trying to play but it made everything worse. I couldn't go down, I couldn't push off. I took a 5min break and tried again. Went down to push off and felt crazy pain and put my face right into the ice. Right now I'm at home, knee is literally on fire. I feel a popping in and out when moving it up and down. When fully extended there's tremendous pain.

No clue what the heck happened but I'm pissed. I was doing great, all the confidence in the world, made some great saves. Then this happened and it's like my mind was injected with a virus. Couldn't stop thinking about it and couldn't physically do what I wanted.

Learn from my mistakes. As a Goalie, don't mess around with anything especially a knee. Don't be stubborn and listen to your body. I may have made my own bed that I have to lay in for awhile.
As a person I say good advice. As a stubborn goalie I say shut up body! I'm playing hockey and you don't have a say! I don't think I've played a game or been in a practice though where I knew something was wrong with my body.

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