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10-24-2012, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Edonator View Post
The NHL is willing to meet, but like Daly was quoted, no point in doing so if the NHLPA is not bringing anything new to the table.

The NHLPA haven't made any concessions. Getting to 50/50 and reaching the status quo that every other league has met, should have been a given. Common sense. The NHLPA didn't even address anything in their new proposals, save for the bit where their players would get the biggest chunk of revenue from any major sporting league.

The NHL, after their offer last week, is winning the PR war and the players are fumbling this. NHL has no reason to meet with the NHLPA unless they are going to bend. Good on them.
Not meeting is not negotiating. If the NHL were to meet with the PA, make it look like they're trying to negotiate they'd be further ahead in the PR battle. Then they could leave the bargaining table and said they offer up negiating points (the make-whole provision being a rumoured one) and the PA isn't will to negotiate.

I do agree that Fehr has turned this into some martyr-like cause that seems to have turned into something more than money (or at least it appears that way). This is business and those stupid macho emotions should be checked at the door. Seems that Fehr has encouraged the opposite.

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