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10-24-2012, 01:47 AM
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Idk how some of you can say that Dooley deserves another season. Our football program is in it's worst condition in 40 years. We have our worst defense in school history. Stooley couldn't even win at La Tech.. he was a panic hire.. a temporary hire.

Now for what I have heard from some very credible sources..

Jon Gruden has legitimate interest in Tennessee. He makes 4.3 million in broadcasting. He has told Dave Hart that he would only coach at Tennessee (alum), and he has looked over our roster with a few of his expected hires. He has informed Hart that he would be expecting a pay raise as well. We have laid down 4.8 million per season on the table and he is trying to negotiate that to 5 mil.

Sources: Veteran well-known and credible posters on Vol Nation. Well-known figures that come in to my work (I work in UT apparel retail.. we see a lot of athletes, coaches, journalists, etc). Oh, and practically everyone on campus is talking about it. I'm a student. The word is out.

Any day now. Tick tock.

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