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10-24-2012, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Bill Hajt was very highly regarded as a defensive player and he has incredible GA stats to prove it as well.

Rochefort was considered good enough to get onto the 1987 Canada Cup team and it wasn't because of his offense.
I have a hard time figuring Rochefort out.

Part of it stems from this quote, which very well could be a minority opinion. (The question was who is the best d-man in Nordiques history so I guess that blurs things a bit with the defensive-focus in this thread)
Originally Posted by JT Dutch* View Post
... I don't believe for a second that Rochefort was better than Marois because he was a pity pick in an All-Star series and a Canada Cup series. When the two of them were on the Nordiques together, Marois was the number one defenseman - and after Marois left, Randy Moller was. Rochefort was a 2nd/3rd defenseman on his best days.

My other issue is there doesn't seem to be anyone talking about how useful he was in '87. Did he hold his own or are we giving him extra credit two decades later because of the quirks of one team-building exercise?

I worry that's all that makes Rocehfort an ATDer, because he wasn't exactly killing Marios or Moller in TOI as the quoted post says and he wasn't valuable enough to pick up token AST votes as a defense-only guy.

Maybe it's just me needing to see more of him since defensive-minded guys are always the toughest to judge.

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