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10-24-2012, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Canada4Gold1 View Post
How do I put it? Umm...NO!!! If the hockey New Brunswick's teams weren't picked basically on personal connections than yes there would be room for movement and with the movement improvement would come to NB teams. I looked over when these kids were in U15 and Woulds is one guy I believe shouldn't of been there. He isn't part of the top talent in NB. Adams is debatable. I've seen some of you guys put him as top talent from New Brunswick but I saw him play last year in Bantam and at the camp and someone who doesn't pass like him wouldn't have a spot on any team I put together. McInnis and Tingley didn't impress me as well. RNS plays against other academies and in a lot of tournaments (They will be at the Haligonian). Someone want to shed some light on Tingley?
I don't believe HNB the teams are picked just on "personal connections" is there times that players make it because of a connection for sure(and that will never change) but for the most part the best players make these teams, I think the coaching staff has the final say on the team, the first 8 or 9 forwards 4 Dmen are easy picks then the hard part is picking the remaining players.

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