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People can ***** about the Pouliot pick, and that's fine. I mean, he wasn't my first choice in that spot. The facts are this though...his skillset represents the most valuable asset in the NHL today (puck moving, point producing defensemen), and the organization was able to get a phenomenal read on him since they were watching a lot of his games due to him playing on the same team as our top prospect. What the kid lacks can be taught. From everything I've read, he's smaller now, but he's a kid. He can very well bulk up, and even grow a bit. You aren't finished growing at 17-18 years old. Defensive zone coverages can be taught, and honestly, if he's playing under DB, he's going to look WAY better in this system than many others. It completely caters to how he plays the game.

At worst, we have a great trade chip in Pouliot. He has the pedigree, and he can produce points. Any team would take a guy with natural offensive ability. Pouliot has it in him to be a great top 4 defenseman, and an elite PPQB. He may not have been what this fanbase was clamoring for, but at least the organization made an educated decision with him, and knew, probably more than any other prospect on the board, what they were going to get due to the amount of viewings they had.

I think with Bennett, people are completely throwing out the window that he has missed a lot of hockey with injury, and are also using his draft position against him in regards to his development. Just because a guy is drafted in the first round doesn't mean that he should be in the NHL in 2 years and ripping it up. Bennett is going to need 2 or 3 years in the minors. If he does well this year, that timeline may be cut down a bit, but don't bet on it. He was a raw, boom-or-bust guy when drafted, and that hasn't changed. People can also stat watch and complain about how he hasn't produced, but fact is, that entire WBS team hasn't produced, and through 4 games, Bennett had 2 points which tied him for the team lead. He's also in a brand new city, in a brand new organization, playing in a brand new league that is a few notches higher than any league he's every played in. Cut him some slack. If he has 7 points in 40 games, then I'd start to worry.

I think, at the very least, Beau Bennett can be a Michel Ouellete for this team, who can complement top 6 talent, and score some goals. His skating deficiencies don't scare me a bit. That stuff can be easily improved on, and we've seen it numerous times in this organization that skating camps and what not have vastly improved a players skating. Much like with Pouliot, Bennett has attributes you cannot teach. He has great hands, a very good shot, and some savvy in the offensive zone. The organization can bulk him up, and work on his skating no problem.

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