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10-24-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
Two things-

First I don't think it's fair to start in 2009, blame the CBA and ignore the greatest economic collapse since the great depression.

Second- if we compare values today to what they were just before the last CBA, this is what they look like.
id say the economic collapse has very little to do with anything... the nhl revenues are at all time highs. the players themselves are saying that revenues have had amazing growth. so these franchises are taking more money in then ever before but the values of the 'broken' franchises just isnt changing.

and you see the owners of all these teams bailing. if you doubt the numbers and think that the owners are 'lying' then why arent they keeping their teams? why arent they buying new teams if they are making profits from the sales?

there was increased values in franchises in past years because all the teams just got new buildings. These buildings were financed by tax payers. If you take the 100 million here and the 200 million there that taxpayers put into these new buildings and add it to a team's value then you account for all the increases in franchise value over the past decade. without the taxpayer money, there is no increases in franchise value.

there might be 8-10 teams we can all point to that actually make a profit off their hockey operations. These teams are not what im talking about when it comes to the need for a new cba that fixes this problem. I personally say that these teams should be allowed to spend whatever they want on player salaries. IM NOT ANTI-PLAYER as far as saying the players should be allowed to get whatever they can get.

But more and more and more and more, teams are coming to taxpayers and holding us hostage claiming they cant afford to operate up to the standards they are trying to live up to. They tell us they need a new building to generate revenues and they make us pay for it. Then this new revenue is used to fund huge pay raises for the players. But then the team says it cant make enough money even with the new builings and they come to the taxpayer for more handouts. Or like Phoenix and Atlanta, they just move the franchise and all the taxpayer handouts are history.

The system is broke. The taxpayers are getting killed. At least half the franchises are not profitable unless they are lucky enough to be winning a cup within the last year or two... and meanwhile the players are averaging over 2.5 mill a year guaranteed and willing to shut down the season if they cant get more during the next CBA.

At least half the NHL franchises go into each season with a better then 50-50 chance they will lose money but not a single nhl player goes into the year without a guarantee of making over half a million dollars before the year is done.

No one needs to cry poverty for NHL players if they might get their share of the revenuse cut from 57 to 50%. I just hope to hell that the differnce goes towards letting us taxpayers off the hook. Im not saying that owners of Toronto and New York need to pocket this money either. It's us taxpayers that have been funding the mess here and it is us that deserve the break when a new rational CBA is signed.

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