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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Much of the "rust-belt" has seen numbers in the city proper go down. That doesn't mean the metro area or what many people consider to be around Buffalo or under team controlled boundaries has not seen a huge spike.

For instance the five southeast counties in Michigan have more population than the state of Wisconsin. But people run around talking about how many people are moving out of Detroit. Yes people are leaving Michigan but the Detroit area is massive still in terms of population. So when people wonder why the baseball team spends like that or how Detroit could be a major sports town and just spew the tired old dead city line it proves they don't know the area very well.

I am not as sure about Buffalo, but shrinking population in city limits size doesn't always mean a downturn in the area fanbase.
My point was that since the city of Buffalo's population has steadily been dropping, it doesn't seem to suggest that amalgamations have taken place. Usually when an amalgamation takes place, the city will see an immediate jump in population as it annexes a surrounding town or suburb. Based on the population numbers and year-by-year census, there doesn't appear to be evidence of that, hence why I was asking.

FWIW, metropolitan Buffalo has also lost quite a bit of population since 1970, though no where near as bad as the city itself. The population in 1970 was 1.35 million; today it is 1.135 and still dropping at a rate of 3% per year.

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