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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Yeah, let's determine where our prospects play by AHL training camp. Give me a break.

Vause? I like his story and all and I'd prefer he play over some of the other worthless spares on Texas' roster but he's been making plenty of defensive and positioning mistakes of his own. Meanwhile A. Smith gets a single game, in which he looked pretty damn good IMO, and then apparently it's determined that he needs to go to Idaho.

A. Smith is not even remotely one of my "favorite" prospects, btw.
Why would you not want ice time to be based on performance? One of my biggest issues with the Stars has always been the sense of entitlement the veterans have had in the past. Why would you ever want to build that into the prospects as well?

Chiasson and R. Smith aren't playing prime minutes because they are 2nd and 3rd round picks. You can clearly see they are performing at a high level right now. They've earned their roles. Developing a player, IMO, is about teaching them to be pros and part of that is earning your ice time and learning to be consistent from one game to the next.

Regarding Vause, he's played well for Texas in limited showings. He's 21 years old, and Texas has had a knack for identifying talent that in some cases eventually benefits the Dallas Stars. I don't agree you can just paint every undrafted free agent with the same brush that they are scrubs just because Dallas didn't draft and/or sign them.

No one is complaining about Hedden right now getting ice time (at least not that I've seen) because he's another guy that Scott White found who has been an above average player for the Texas Stars. White and Dallas’ WHL scouts both have solid records so I am thrilled to see how Vause can adjust to the AHL and (although a rather small chance) the NHL. He’s earned his chances with Texas so I look forward to see what he does with it.

I've seen several valid complaints about how Willie is running the team right now, and it's obviously not my place to deem the Austin Smith situation an acceptable complaint. I just really feel his playing time doesn't fit with that discussion, and I wanted to offer an alternative view of the situation.

I really am happy to see him go to the ECHL, and I was honestly surprised you think it's not that good of a league for him. He just won't ever be more than a third liner in Texas during the lockout. When I was listing good young prospects ahead of him yesterday, I failed to remember Sceviour who could be back in two weeks. The guy is just unfortunately buried behind several key prospects. A healthy dose of ES and PP time sounds perfect for Smtih IMO versus 3rd or 4th line minutes in Texas.

Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
And regardless, isn't there some rule that says we can only have so many players with less than ~300 games or something? Any idea if that factored into it?
I think you're confusing the veteran rule. Piqued is right the primary goal of the AHL is a development league so you can only have a limited number of veterans. You could ice an entire team of rookie pros straight out of college or the CHL if you wanted with no issue.

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