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10-24-2012, 10:09 AM
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I think its garbage that people are calling Avs followers fair-weather or band-wagoners. Up until the last lockout we probably had one of the strongest fan bases in the league. Since the lockout, there have been some rough times the team has been in constant decline and we've had pretty poor results. This is going to drive away the casual fan.

The last 3 years in particular have been really bad, the team has been downright awful save one fluke playoff run, the owner has shown he is not willing to pump money into the team or the building to make it nicer, and the fans are sick of being treated like 2nd rate citizens. Nobody wants to pay top dollar to go sit in the nosebleeds.

For example my boss has had season tickets from day 1 to the Avs, he is a diehard Avs fan but he is considering giving up his tickets. The reason being is 1. the lockout (the ultimate FU to the fans) 2. the team never spending any money to field a better product. So basically he is sick and tired of spending a large chunk of change on an inferior product that doesn't seem to be taking the steps to get better.

So basically in summation if the owner ever decides to stop humping the cap floor and field a competitive team and make the fans interested in the coming, they will come. That doesn't make them fair weather it makes them smart for not wasting their hard earned money on a team/owner that is inferior but waiting until the team shows them that are going to spend money and are able to compete on a nightly basis. But if you continue turn a blind eye to the team and pump all your resources into the Nuggets, Rams, that soccer team he owns etc. and the fans feel slighted they are going to continue poor turnouts.

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