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10-24-2012, 10:11 AM
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Great news! I was convinced it was going to happen a while ago, with the Brooklyn Nets looking like they'll be such a sucess, the Winnipeg jets being such a sucess in a smaller arena, and the Nassau Coliseum really falling appart in such a pathetic and sad fashion (with maybe even asbesdos problems!).

So yeah, maybe with a complete re-branding like the Nets, and Taveres becoming the super-star player he was meant to be (and actually getting some help from new hires), the Islanders can challenge the Rangers and Devils once again.

Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
I wonder if this is a short term thing or a long term thing?

14500 might look good compared to the current situation, but it's leaving a lot of revenue on the table for a team in a major market.
It definitively has to be very long term.

And 14 500 is perfect for a more Niche product that draws less like the Islanders. Here's why:

When there are 5 000+ empty seats almost available for free every night, people dont want to pay a lot for tickets or buy season tickets at all!

But when there is more demand then offer, the sale of season tickets will be higher, the sale price of regular tickets will be higher, and the ambiance will be of better quality and draw more!

Also, the luxury boxes in the new arena will really help the team have a profit.

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