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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Sure you can. Why can't you?

I mean I can think of several reasons why you shouldn't, but since that's not the word you used, and we're talking about the realm of legal RIGHTS here, sure, they absolutely can.
Fair enough - a Hamilton team can't just show up and say "Well you weren't using this territory anyway, so it's ours now" any more than I can give away my girlfriend's laptop since she never uses the thing. That said, I believe the league would be within its rights to give the Sabres brass a choice:
  • Retain their rights to the Niagara Region, with the condition that they actively market the team and broadcast games there
  • Relinquish their rights to the market, allowing a new team to set up shop without indemnity

If they choose to actively ignore the territory they own, and refuse to allow a team to set up shop in that same territory, I can't imagine their case against a Hamilton team holding any water. It would be like if I fished a TV out of my neighbour's garbage, and she tried to have me arrested for theft.

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