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10-24-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I was home sick yesterday and caught up on some games and prospects...

I finally watched the Quebec/Drummondville game that TVA showed yesterday - was really unimpressed with Sorensen. Made a lot of "jeux dentelles" and avoided contact as much as possible. He was willing to drop to block shots at least but otherwise...didn't see much good from him.
Erne was OK, quiet first half and then he took a terrible penalty just when his game seemed to be coming around. Intriguing mix of speed and abrasiveness though.

Then I watched London/Erie on Sportsnet. Despite how much they focused on McDavid, he wasn't a big factor, but his talent is evident. They pointed out he's on pace (points wise) for a season similar to Tavares' in his first year under exceptional status, so good on him, hope he keeps it up.

Max Domi was really good, yet again. Is his size/skating really the only thing keeping him from being ranked higher? Seems to have an overload of puck skills. He really is the complete opposite of his dad though, don't think I saw him mixing it up or getting his nose dirty once.

Bo Horvat looks like a pretty good third liner, he was blocking shots and hustling all game.

Craig Button seems to have fallen for Nikita Zadorov recently but I have to say I didn't notice him much in this game. I wasn't particularly looking out for him though.

Finally I tried to watch the Brandon game last night to see Ryan Pulock, but the stream kept cutting out. I'll check it on demand today.
Honestly, I feel his skating issues are overblown. He's improved his foot speed a lot since last year, even though his technique is a little odd.

Size is his biggest issue. It's not just the fact that's he's 5'9", but the style of game that he plays. He likes to drive the net hard and would rather go through people than around. That's a great quality for a player to have, but it's much easier to do that at 5'9" in the OHL, than it is at 5'9" in the NHL.

I doubt this is an issue that most see, but personally, I'm not sold on his offensive upside either. He relies a lot on his strength to get things done. It's nice to see that he battles it out in front of the net, but sometimes you just have to slip away from the play to get open for a shot. Which he rarely does.

He's one hell of a player, has NHL bloodlines, and has incredible work ethic. So I'm sure some people see him much differently than I do.

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