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10-24-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Personally, I kind of wished they'd tone down the "gimmicks" at arenas.

Ottawa has a fanbase that tries very hard to fit into the "traditional hockey values" market, despite the fact that the team is barely 20 years old.

We should be trying to emulate the in-game experiences in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Boston, NY, Chicago, etc... trying to do schtick like they have in Columbus (et al) is going in the wrong direction, IMO.

Now don;t get me wrong, I'd love to see the org spruce up gameday entertainment, but that stuff needs to stay in the lobby, and NOT on the ice/ in the stands. No goofy goal gimmick (like, god I don't know, a couple of Centurions blowing those long-ass horns every time we score a goal), no silly stuff like having Sparty rappel from the rafters (unless we get to the ECF / SCF).

It just seems forced.

As a caveat, I dislike the cheerleader thing we've tried lately. And I got to know a lot of those girls because we used to all work together (I was an usher, and we had to coordinate at times), so don't take it the wrong way, but they got almost NO reaction. It was the most awkward thing in the world to stand there next to the girls while they di their routine, and have literally almost NO ONE CARE, or even notice.

The problem with the cheer girls is a fundamental difference in what the fans want vs what the org THINKS they want. I can tell you from experience, almost EVERY SINGLE GAME (and last season, I worked 39 out of 41 home games) I would have the cheer squad come to my section and try to "get the crowd into the game"... but the reason it never worked was because the crowd WAS ALREADY into the game... too into the game, in fact, to bother caring about 20 seconds of prepubescent cheer girls.

I just don't think cheerleaders and hockey mix well. It works for Football, because you have SO MANY STOPPAGES between plays, you need something to fill that time. The stops-and-starts in hockey are either too quick for people to even notice cheerleaders (what's the time between an icing whistle and the corresponding faceoff? 25 seconds?), or too long (like an intermission) that many fans will use the down time to go get food/ use the washroom/ stretch their legs by getting up and walking around.

So yeah. No more cheerleaders. I'm open to any other suggestions people have, though. AND, while I no longer work for the team, I still know PLENTY of people who work there (for the time being that is... let's hope the lockout gets resolved soon). I can always pass on really good suggestions to the guys I still know.
Had half season tickets last year and I made a special point to not pay attention while they were in my section. I believe someone said they were all over 18, but in all reality from what I saw they looked about 15-16, and that just made me uncomfortable. If they brought in cheerleaders that were clearly grown women it wouldn't have been so bad. That being said if we want to gawk at pretty ladies there are plenty of better times to do that then during a hockey game.

Since you were an usher I actually have a question for you. During a game if a person is drunk, loud, and causing a distraction I can complain resulting in them possibly being removed correct? Does this also extend to loud children who put their feet up on chairs and whack people in the head with inflated toys? Personally I find the latter to be much more of a distraction. Parents who are unable to recognize and control their children's poor behavior in public deserve to be ejected as well imho.

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