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10-24-2012, 11:42 AM
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Are we at the point yet where 50% or more of the constituents are not happy with the way their leadership is handling this?

If you are a player you can't be happy with where this stands now and the lack of effort being made to move this along and save paychecks.

I would think that a decent number of owners (certainly owners of teams that make money) want to get this thing done already as well.

That is probably what is causing this thing to drag. Owners sense player unrest and players sense the same amongst owners.

I am beginning to think that there eventually will be a preceived winner and loser in this thing based on who crumbles first. A couple of weeks ago I probably would have said "cooler heads prevail" and they come to an equitable deal.

Both sides want the KO here.

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