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12-07-2003, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by quat
Watching an exciting hard working game with lot's of scoring chances but just a goal or two is fine, but calling a game that is full of interference in the neutral zone, and all five players collapsing in front of the goal good hockey, then you don't know good hockey when you see it. Enjoying a game like that because your team wins is an entirely different statement. In the end, winning does matter a lot, but this style of hockey is dull. Interference does not make for good hockey.
Its not interference, we keep our feet moving for the most part. We get in lanes, taking away passes, make little space, play a team game yes. Its not lazy hockey we dont stand around and form a soccer wall. Sorry we dont play a wide open game and loose 6-5 all the time. And yes i do know good hockey. Good hockey is a game played within your limits. We are not a flashy team with lots of stars. We play the game we need to play to win. And that is good hockey, playing with in urself.

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