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Originally Posted by wallym View Post
The real problem is it isn't 'killing the league.' The NHL was doing great, which is why those contracts were able to be doled out.

The NHL (owners) just want to do even better. Instead of doing really really good, they'd like to do really really really good, and contracts like those are costing them one of their really's.

That's what this about.

The owners were doing really really good. The owners think the players were doing really really really good. Owners want to take one of those really's and shift it to their side.
Actually it's debatable whether or not the owners were doing all that well. Some (read: Pittsburgh, Boston, Buffalo, Washington, Rangers, Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Minnesota, Canada) were, and I'm not even sure about Minnesota and Buffalo. Others, such as us, Nashville, and even San Jose, were struggling but still break even for the most part. Some others have been money pits (Phoenix and Long Island notably). But the thing is that the balance in the other two big sports that have caps have moved from similar breakdowns as compared to where the NHL is under the old CBA to a 50-50 breakdown. And these are leagues with vastly superior income sources as far as TV contracts go. The players are dead right that increased revenue sharing from the Detroit, Toronto, Rangers, Montreal type teams of the league will be hugely beneficial to stabilize poor markets. But the owners are dead right that things need to come down in terms of the balance, that player salary growth should be in now way guaranteed until the balance hits 50-50. That's the biggest place I think that Fehr and co are completely out to lunch in regards with reality.

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