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10-24-2012, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Henkka View Post
This is how Omark gets his points:

Easy assists to get. I wouldn't get too high on him about those easy assists. Zetterberg scores and Brunner scores, and Omark is the guy who just "gives" the puck to them. He is not anything a like phenomenal playmaker there.
Omark only got one assist in that game (on the drop pass to Brunner), and Zetterberg didn't score any points at all.
So if you wanted to show Omark "just giving" the puck to Zetterberg, why pick that game?
For instance, here's Saturday's game.
Omark with an assist on the first goal by Zetterberg, and then another one at 2:53.

Originally Posted by Henkka View Post
Omark was 0+0 and -3, until Damien Brunner did his comeback...

Imo, he is more of a product of his better linemates, not a carrying individual.
Well, Zug only played two games before Brunner joined the team.
And Omark's always been a slow starter - in the SEL, KHL and AHL (and obviously, last season in the NHL, before he was shipped to OKC).

He is no doubt benefiting from playing with a guy like Brunner (a proven scorer in the NLA), and even more so with Brunner and Zetterberg.
But just a week ago, Brunner had 22 points (7 + 15) and Omark 21 (6 + 15), so it wasn't much difference in their goals-to-assist ratios.
And looking at all the highlights, I think you're overstating all of Omark's "easy assists".
Sure, he gets those too, but I don't think he gets more of them than anyone else on that team.

Now, it's entirely possible that he's been mediocre or even played like crap most of the time. I wouldn't know.
I've only watched a couple of periods of one game that happened to be streamed online, so I have no idea how he's been playing overall.
(Do you get NLA games in Finland, by the way?)
But judging by the highlights, I'd say he's been more involved in the goal scoring than you're suggesting.

The big question is, will it mean anything for his hopes of getting back to the NHL?
With no apparent opening in Edmonton, will it increase his value and get him traded?

I guess Detroit could be interested if the Omark/Zetterberg/Brunner line keeps scoring like they've done so fat.
Red Wings scout Håkan Andersson said he had Omark as a potential late-round pick five years ago, but of course, that doesn't mean much today.
And with Renney now in Detroit? Naahh... somehow, I doubt it.

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