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10-24-2012, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by mschmidt64 View Post
I'm not saying that Forbes is absolutely right.

I'm saying, if we put on trial the question as to whether the NHL owners were making money, and the attorney for the league said "Here's the numbers are crunched by Forbes, we are losing money," that would be a decent amount of evidence.

Then if your counter to that is "Forbes is wrong, nobody is selling their teams, and plus, Pierre MacGuire said he talked to some dudes who say they are making money," well, that's a crappy case you have.

Who are those people? What do their numbers say?

Get me that evidence and I'll change my mind, if it is legit.
In that farce of a trial, an owner supposedly losing money but not looking to sell would be put up as a witness and asked "why are you fine with losing money?" With a few exceptions, the guys losing money would respond with "I make enough money in my other businesses" or "I'm not" or "I like owning a hockey team and the bottom line financials don't matter to me" or "I just bought this team, we will see where we are in a few years." There isn't another answer to that question. That's why I find this whole thing fallacious.

Mine and others conjecture, which is based entirely in logic, has as much weight as Forbes' estimates. Once again, they're not using real numbers. Do you want me to make a chart that has the teams I think are making money, complete with estimates of how much? Because I can do that, and it's going to be just as accurate as Forbes' chart.

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