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Originally Posted by pigpen65 View Post
I think they mean they didn't notice him in the box score after the game. If you watch the games you can see that he doesn't look out of place at all. Like any rookie, he makes mistakes, but physically he is right there with the rest of them. Funny thing about the complaining about Girgensons playing in a men's league at 18.... when it was Armia, nobody made a peep. Just the opposite, it was a huge selling point for Armia that he was playing in a men's league so young. I never heard anybody suggest that his development was going to be hurt by it.
Well, that's because that aspect of quality of competition is vastly overrated.

The thing that really matters is that a player follows his natural development curve.
Armia is lucky enough to be in a country with a strong development system and made the correct decision to develop there.
Organizations in strong countries like Finland specialize in developing players from youth to senior because it is their primary source for new players.
Girgensons wasn't as lucky and chose to come to North America instead.
He should be on the regular junior develop arc where he plays out the majority of his junior eligibility or spends a few years in college, but instead they've decided to circumvent that and put him in a weak men's league that has no idea how to develop unfinished prospects like him.

And because I know what the retorts to this will be, I'll preemptively address them: yes, European leagues are stronger than the AHL and let me remind you that regardless of Rolston's experience with the NTDP, he has never sent a player directly to the NHL.

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