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10-24-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The PA wanted to discuss the make whole provision with the NHL today but the NHL didn't want to meet to discuss it after the NHL indicated they wanted to address the make whole with the PA. Makes no sense. Gary said he would meet with the PA anytime and anywhere.
RB, I didn't see that reported anywhere. If the PA specifically said "we'd like to meet with you to discuss the make-whole provision you proposed in your last offer," then I agree with others that the league most certainly should have met with them.

However, what I read from the writers I follow is that the conversation went something like this:

The PA: "We want to meet."
The NHL: "Are you prepared to discuss our proposal or to make new proposals of your own?"
The PA: "We refuse to put any preconditions on the table, our membership has simply asked us to get back together."
The NHL: "We're not going to meet just to meet. Once you are willing to commit to either discuss our offer or make a new offer of your own, we'll be happy to meet."

If that's how it went down, I understand the league's position entirely.

If, however, the players specifically said that they want to discuss the make-whole as RB implies in his quote above, then my opinion does a complete 180 and the owners are wrong for not having gotten together with them.

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