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10-24-2012, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
McGuire still said 13 teams are in the red. It may not be "most" but it indicates that the NHL has a profitability issue. I think at the end of the day this lockout is driven by a combination of a lot of teams losing money, and some profitable teams making a cash grab as you indicate.
At least 4 of the teams in the red aren't concerned that they are. I'm talking about the Sabres, the Stars, the Hurricanes, and the Predators. The Sabres because Pegula isn't in it for profit. The Stars because they're under new ownership and the new owner is in the process of trying to make them profitable again. The Hurricanes because Karamanos has shown little interest in whether or not the Hurricanes turn a profit year to year. He wants them too, but it isn't pressing. The Predators because they're on their way, even if they aren't there yet. I'd hazard a guess that 8 of the others are the Coyotes, the Jackets, the Islanders, the Lightning, the Panthers, the Ducks, the Jets, the Devils. The 9th could be anyone of the Avalanche, Sharks, Blues, or Wild. But guess what. The Jets and Devils losses have nothing to do with salaries. The Jets are startup costs and the Devils are arena debt. I'm not sure the Ducks or Lightning ownership care either. And the Coyotes, Jackets and Islanders have profitability issues that have nothing to do with the structure of the league.

What some people seem to think is that owning a pro sports team should be automatically profitable. I reject that notion. You still need to make good decisions, like the hiring of personnel or the structure of the lease you've entered into. Like marketing to your community, like the Predators have excelled at recently. It shouldn't be automatic.

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