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10-24-2012, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
The PA will be broken again once this CBA is done.. Then they will hire a guy who will actually work with the owners. Then they will push him out for another hard liner. They took the loss of the last CBA personally and dug theirselves in for a long battle
And yet the owners have stuck with their own hardliner, who did win last time but who may not look quite so good once all is said and done this time around.

The owners were either naive enough to believe the players would lay down again, or they too expected a long drawn out battle.

Neither side is right. Neither side is wrong. Both could do a lot to meet in the middle, but neither side wants to do that just yet.

They will get there, but who knows when? Right now, the owners whose teams lost money are probably enjoying the fact that they have no expenses. The owners whose teams made a lot of money are probably not quite as happy. And the owners whose teams have deadweight that is about to expire on the roster probably have less incentive to get this settled.

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