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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Hey Swiss league watchers, during the last lockout I saw two really good Swiss players I thought could be NHLers.
Reto Berra and Dario Burglar (SP)

What do you think of them? Berra looked like a Luongo type in goal and Burglar seemed to have a sniper's game.
Originally Posted by Btown67 View Post
It is very likely that berra will be our next gk in the nhl, but I am not sure about burgler. He is a good sniper with a nice shot, but shows his talent way to rarely. Maybe he just needs better linemates ;-)
Berra is a very interesting case. But I don't agree with Btown67 on this one.

To sum it up:
He's got the size.
He's got the talent.
He's got the reflexes.
He had the calm mind.

Last season, he played tremendously. He was the only reason his team made the playoffs and was rewarded with the "Goalie of the Year" award, something like the Swiss Vezina Trophy, even though his stats were way lower than others'. His calm nature and mental strength were unmatched (you could make an argument for Genoni, though).

Well, in this season... meh.
He seems nervous from time to time and his performances are like night and day. Sometimes he beats an opponent by himself, sometimes he beats his own team by himself.

I'd guess the chances, that Genoni or Stephan make the step to the NHL are bigger than those regarding Berra. And to be honest, I think the only one with a somewhat realistic chance is Stephan. Berra had one great season within a bunch of average ones and Genoni is most likely too small.

Bürgler? You remember him? I'm a little surprised, since he's not really one of the well known swiss players. As Btown67 said: He has some talent and he doesn't show it. But he's definitely not NHL material.
The only swiss forwards playing in Switzerland with NHL potential are Wick, Brunner and to a lesser extent Sprunger. But Sprunger is made of glass and Wick already tried it once with Ottawa, but he couldn't succeed. Respectively he probably could have, but he didn't want to stay in the AHL and returned to Switzerland.

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