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10-24-2012, 03:17 PM
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killion, re: copps.

It isnt sufficient to (permanently) house an NHL team today. It needs considerable work put into it. I think everyone here can agree with that.

To that point, i add that in recent history, the NHL (and the other major leagues) seem to be shying away from the whole "move the team, then figure out the arena situation" model. The NHL wants a complete arena, or at the very least a paid-for and rubber-stamped plan for a complete arena.

So when we get to 2015-2020 when the NHL is considering expansion, where in line do you think copps colisium (as it stands today) is behind newly completed Seattle Arena, the new Colisee in Quebec, and the new Markham Arena? Hamilton gets laughed at and told to come back when they're actually ready.

So hamilton needs to get their **** together, now, to have a proposal to compete with those three 3-8 years down the road when the time comes.

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