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05-15-2006, 12:39 AM
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A glide turn just seems to leave you less 'tangled up' than a crossover when you're near the boards or scooping up the puck around the back of the goal net.
I agree with you on this one. Gliding a high speed when you are digging the puck off the board is the way to do it. The major thing is....what you do with the puck, after it is on your stick!

Most players panic and throw the puck away because they are afraid of getting hit. Where the smart thing to do is hold on to the puck for a three second count. This count will give you the time to read and react to the play.

Once you have evaluated the play, then you can make the pass. Oh, by the way, the pass should be tape to tape.

Too many players go to the boards, grab the puck, then make the pass to there team mate in there skates, behind them, too far ahead...etc. Thus causing turn-overs.

Here's a good rule to remember....
The team that controls the puck the most.....wins! The team that has the most turn-overs....loses!

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