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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Again, how is he "slumping pretty badly right now"? He has gone 2 SM-Liiga games without a point, and before that was on a 4 game point streak, not exactly a bad slump. I'm guessing you think "not many posts about Barkov recently, he must be slumping!" In reality Tappara have played just 2 SM-Liiga games over the past 11 days, pretty hard to score when your team isn't playing.

With that being said, I certainly won't be surprised if Barkov drops below a point per game as the season progresses. He just turned 17 in September, he's playing in one of the better pro men's leagues in the world, and he's the top offensive threat on his team, so the opposition will focus heavily on shutting him down.

What I don't get is why you think him falling below 1 PPG would kill his draft stock. He's got outstanding hockey IQ, he's big and strong, he plays at a high level offensively and defensively, those are the things that scouts care about. I'm sure his production will be great at the end of the season too. Do you really think 1 PPG is poor production for a 17 year old in the SM-Liiga? Question for Finnish fans: has a 17 year old EVER hit 1+ PPG in the SM-Liiga? Mikael Granlund is the only one who comes to mind as being close to 1 PPG, and he was still a bit below. Many top Finnish prospects don't even make the SM-Liiga as a 17 year old, and the few who do generally do not produce much at all. Granlund is the only player I can think of who has been particularly close to 1 PPG recently in the SM-Liiga, all the other top drafted Fins were well below 1 PPG (Mikko Koivu, Tuomo Ruutu, Joel Armia, Joni Pitkanen, etc.), with many being closer to 0.1 PPG.
Olli Jokinen was close to PPG at his draft year but both Mikael Granlund and Olli Jokinen played pure offensive role without any defensive duties. They wasn't capable of playing center like Barkov is. When Granlund was moved to the center to play more well rounded game his production didn't improve in his post draft year at his 18-19 year old season he finished below PPG. Barkov is already playing center and already plays strong game in the every zone. He is playing in every situation PK, PP and leading his team right now. He have been carrying his team on his young shoulders at this season at 17. Granlund and Olli Jokinen had both great rookie seasons but they weren't the back bone of their team like Barkov is now or they didn't play close as compete game as Barkov is doing right now and still he is matching their offensive production. Barkov is best 17 year old player i've ever seen in FEL with fair margin if we take goalies out of discussion. Offensively there might be not much difference but in overall game he is in other level than Granlund or Jokinen or any other 17 year old skater we have ever seen in FEL. Question is when we have seen as dominant 17 year old player in top european league ? I think that there is not many if any. Barkov is for sure special prospect from european standpoint but so is for example Elias Lindholm. Loffer never answered me on Barkov being lucky? He has 1 lucky goal in IFK game when he set up like 5-6 good goal scoring chances but his line mates didn't score? He has been very unlucky in my opinion.

I won't comment where he will be drafted because i have limited views on other draftees but i'm just happy that there is an special player from finland like Barkov. I don't care where he will be drafted but i know that without injuries Barkov is going to be very very good NHL-player in the future. He is certain NHLer in my books and he has potential to be next finnish superstar player in the NHL. With this developement pace he will play in the NHL next season at age of 18.

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