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10-24-2012, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
Hapy it's over. Not happy that his revenue picture relies on new fans coming and staying and continuing to go to games in Ranger Country while old fans are jettisoned. If the revenues don't come, they are locked into a 25 year lease in a small building. What do they do when this doesn't make any money and franchise value drops (a 14,500 arena and bad hockey team does not gain in value)?

Fold or break the Brooklyn lease? If the Brooklyn lease is as ironclad as Nassau's and the team is not making any money.....fold. This is the picture I see. It now HAS TO SUCCEED. Fans HAVE TO SHOW UP. I won't. The 6am to work guy who won't get home until 11pm-12am won't.

The team doesn't have to worry about relocating now. It now has to THRIVE with their likely revenue deal with the arena. Long term thrive.

And I won't say it's impossible but the team has to be SOLID from day one to get and keep fans, and the team has to SPEND. Not one gain in fanbase can be lost with the departure of Suffolk and many Nassau fans. Not with the very limited revenue streams a tenancy in Brooklyn will have.
I think Wang will sell the team in the next 5 years since AY likely won't be completed.

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