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Originally Posted by zzoo View Post
I like that term ! Seriously, I have nothing against Collberg.

Well, he has 0 goal and 2 assists in 62 games in SEL. Is that not bad enough so I call "struggling terribly". Should I wait till 100 games without a single goal so I can say he's bad ?
Again, I want him to be successful. Here, I simply state a fact.... a fact based on stats.
My problem is that it's been explained to you numerous times why it's not entirely fair to read Collberg's stat line as gospel, and you have to take into consideration the extraneous circumstances surrounding him, the coach, the team he plays for, etc. Despite all that, you have repeatedly stuck your head in the sand and refused to engage in any kind of debate about it. You're on page 9 of thread 2 on Collberg and you're still asking the same questions you were asking back in June. This is what makes it seems like you have some kind of vendetta against him.

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