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10-24-2012, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Craven Morehead View Post
It doesn't become obsolete in the sense that it isn't useful, but the modern decay of the rink, it's look and some of the amenities are just weaker around the facility. They were cheap when the arena was built and for their strapped cash purposes, it was understandable at the time.

Some big issues with Scotiabank Place compared to every other arena I have been to are:

-The concourses are ridiculously small. It's real bad. That will have to be addressed. You can argue that it means nothing, that people only care about inside the rink part itself, but that is hogwash. It's tight, you have lineups from every concession stand and washroom taking up space everywhere, not to mention many idiots standing around because they have nowhere else to stand because it is so tight. This is a bigger issue to most than they would admit.

-Parking it still iffy. Has it improved? Yes. But they need to build a walkway overpass to everyone who parks across the street in Lot 5 I think it is.

-The overall decor looks grubby. Grey, grey and more grey. People are spending big money and there is an expectation of coming to an entertainment facility and not hanging out in crap.

Plus, I didn't say the rink needed a huge overhaul this moment. I was suggesting that 10-15 years from now, when the arena is around 25-30 years. A face lift is not unrealistic to expect. Add in the years of decay that will take place to a facility that was cheaply put together and I bet you start seeing the rink really start to go downhill. Just my opinion though...

Maybe so, but I'll stick with NHL people and media types who have been to every arena and share the same sentiments. PM me if you want to get into specifics because I will have no problem discussing names and people privately.
If you think our concourses are "ridiculously small", I think you need to make a trip out to the Bell Centre, ACC or any other arena located in a downtown area. They will make SBP look like a field by comparison.

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